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A graduate engineer’s guide to assessment centres and job interviews

The recruitment process for graduates can be daunting – here are essential tips to read before your engineering assessment centre or job interview.

A graduate engineer’s guide to cover letters and CVs

Don't get it wrong: here is your guide to crafting the perfect cover letter and CV for graduate engineering programs.

A graduate's guide to careers in academia

Lead the way with cutting-edge research by pursuing a career in academia. Consider this grad career path if you're inquisitive & have a passion for teaching.

A quick intro into graduate careers in accounting

No idea what a graduate program in accounting looks like? GradAustralia gives you a quick intro into this in-demand career path.

Accounting and advisory industry overview

An enormously popular profession with grads, the sky’s the limit if you have good problem-solving abilities.

All the secret crimes a uni student will never admit to

Being a uni student is a, um, an interesting time in our lives. Firstly, I blame our parents for having us and putting us in this world without even consulting us. I mean, did we get a say in the matter? 

All the stages of first moving into your uni sharehouse

For those taking on your next adventure with student life, chances are you are going to end up in a uni sharehouse situation.

An introduction to jobs in the transport & logistics industry

Advice for graduates planning a career in the transport & logistics industry – job prospects, how to get started and average graduate salaries.