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Are you a risk taker? There's a career for that!

Strong math skills, an ability to work under pressure & a knack for calculated risk-taking will serve you well as you pursue a graduate career in trading.

Assessment centres and group interview days for accounting grads

You made it! Now it's time to show them what you're made of – read these tips so you can breeze through your accounting assessment centre and group interview.

Breaking into the fashion industry

It’s easy to dismiss fashion as being frivolous, or superfluous, or superficial.

But I studied archaeology!: How to secure a job in retail with the degree you have

It can sometimes be difficult to see how your academic background might make for a competitive job application in the retail & FMCG sector. Here are four tips to get you started.

Career progression pathways in the retail and FMCG industry

To help you get a sense of how your own career might look, we’ve brought together four of the most common career progressions in retail and FMCG.

Case interview 101 for ambitious graduates

Congratulations! You're one step closer to landing your dream graduate job in consulting! Next, find out what a case interview is and how to prepare.

Case interview questions: market sizing, guesstimates & brainteasers

We give you examples of curve-ball questions you'll find in consulting case interviews and lead you step-by-step to craft the perfect answer.

Case interviews: what interviewers are looking for

Consulting case interviews can be challenging – stand out from the crowd by showing these 5 traits that your interviewers are looking for.