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Tonsley Open Night

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Sat 2 Sep 2017, 4:00am
Sat 2 Sep 2017, 6:00am
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Flinders Tonsley Campus, 1284 South Rd, Clovelly Park, SA 5042

Learn about the diverse range of engineering, technology and design courses available at Flinders’ Tonsley campus. Tour the facilities and get hands-on with our cutting edge technology. Our lecturers will present course-based activities and be available to answer your course and career questions. 

Information Sessions, Tours and Activities

Each Open Night will begin with an information session on the wide range of engineering, technology and design courses available at the Tonsley campus, along with information on your future career options. Campus tours and a choice of interactive activities will follow, including:

Design: Digital fabrication, design your way out of a problem

Design gives form to manufactured products and services, with a focus on human needs. Everything you use every day has been designed by someone, somewhere. Design is all about problem solving. Get hands on in the digital fabrication lab for a problem solving session.

Robotics: Meet our robots, Baxter & Sawyer

Meet our robots, Baxter and Sawyer, and see them in action. Become familiar with other members of the Flinders robot family including the UR5 robot on the automation line.

Maritime Engineering: Boating without a driver

Hear about our autonomous water vehicles and the fascinating technology and research that goes into creating one! Visit our Maritime Engineering Laboratory and see some of the projects our staff and students are currently working on.

Cybersecurity: What’s going on under the surface?

With the rise of the personal use of the internet, social networks and cybersecurity are two of the biggest issues on the minds of many. But are things as bad as some think… or are they worse? What is actually happening in the world of cybersecurity?

Mechanical Engineering: Warman Project

See a demonstration of this year’s Warman Design and Build Competition robots built by Flinders’ 2nd year Mechanical Engineering students.

Biomedical Engineering: Virtual reality

Experience virtual reality you can feel and see how we are using it to improve clinical teaching by enabling surgeons to practice on virtual patients. Creating the next generation of medical simulations needs super-computing power from GPUs. These technologies also enable new types of computer gaming and remote collaboration.

Simulation and Serious Games: Game technologies for non-entertainment purposes

Serious game technology is being used across many industries from health to training, advertising to recruitment, simulation to education. The skills of a Serious Games developer could see you working on large projects simulating the command and operation of a naval warship or smaller projects including building educational games for tablets and smartphones.

This session will introduce the concept of Serious Games and their use across many disciplines. You will then get some hands-on experience with a commercial game engine and build the foundation of a first person shooter game.

Civil Engineering: Test your strength

Watch a demonstration of the properties and strength of common civil engineering materials including concrete and timber. Australian standard tests will be performed using state of the art equipment.

The suitability of these materials for various building and structural applications will also be explained.