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GradPhilippines' Career Jumpstart Sessions 2021

Instructions for students

Please read these instructions before attending the Career Jumpstart Sessions

Save the date

Don’t miss the event! Virtual events can be easy to forget because we don’t have physical travel as a reminder.

Take it seriously, record it in your diary or e-calendar and set a reminder.

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Career Jumpstart Sessions

Review the Career Jumpstart Sessions and decide which one you'll join. This is a great way to get some background information on a sector or theme you're interested in. List down questions you would like to ask during the sessions to get to know more about the employer to be able to make a decision if they would be a great fit for you.

Next, review the list of participating companies per session and decide which ones you join when the individual Q&A sessions with each of them begins. Make sure you come prepared and sign-in early! SLOTS ARE LIMITED PER SESSION SO COME IN EARLY TO SECURE YOUR SLOT. Read the profiles of employers you're interested in, especially those you haven't heard of before.

Make sure you understand what they do and prepare a list of well-thought-through questions to ask them.

Download Zoom

We’ll be using Zoom to power the video calls during the sessions.

Download the app for PCMacAndroid or iOS in advance so there’s no delay in joining the sessions.

Join and learn 

When the event begins, start by joining the session room you want to enter. 

Jump in and out of different video rooms and ask your questions.


Some session rooms will be recorded for the benefit of future students and those who aren't able to attend the Career Jumpstart Sessions. Content may be used by the event host, the exhibitors, or on a Prosple website.

All participants will have their video camera and microphone muted by default when they join. If you are not comfortable with having your voice of face recorded, please keep your video off and microphone muted.

With that in mind, we encourage all of you who are comfortable with being recorded to keep the quality of the sessions, there will be limited seats per session so make sure to join in early to secure your seat. You can at any time request to have content you are featured in removed from the web by sending an email to contact@prosple.com.

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