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Prior to starting Filta, we’d spent eight years building an Australian executive recruitment & search business. Over that time, we worked hard to expand the footprint of our brand whilst keeping competitive in a fast paced market.

Good people are not only hard to find, but expensive to keep. As a small business, we couldn’t afford a local administrative function for three growing national offices. So three years ago, we decided offshoring our back office to the Philippines was the most cost effective way to upscale our business while retaining control of our required high quality output and standard of service.

Originally we were hesitant, and without the proper understanding of offshoring or support, we made a lot of mistakes - some obvious, some surprising - that cost us a lot of time and money. However, we learnt from our mistakes and built processes to make sure they didn’t happen again.

And then something surprising happened - our customers noticed what we were doing and asked us to help them. Like most businesses today, they too were fighting to stay competitive, and saw offshoring as a way of staying in the game. Some had tried it before and failed, others were fearful after hearing cautionary tales. But what they had in common was they realised they needed to do it.

We knew that with our processes and support, we could teach them how to make offshoring work. To date, offshoring with Filta has not only helped our customers stay competitive in their market, but changed their business for the better - something we are immensely proud of.

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