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Meralco Energy Solutions Technician

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Graduate Job
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7 Mar 2019
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30 May 2019

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Electrical & Electronic Engineering


The Energy Solutions Technician will provide the following power quality services to customers


  • Assists in the development of annual team goals and action plans to fully support the organization goals and priorities.
  • Reports to the energy solutions engineers and specialists problems encountered in the power quality and energy efficiency processes; identifies and recommends enhancements in the process and in the information system.
  • Checks and evaluates performance of contractors; checks billing and endorses payment of contractors.
  • Observes and complies with existing company codes, policies, rules and regulations.
  • Observes proper housekeeping and maintenance of work area; observes and complies and practices safety rules and regulations.


  • Assists energy solutions engineers and specialists in the conduct of:
  • Low-voltage wiring tracing and inspection
  • Grounding inspection and testing using stakeless, two pole and/or three pole (fall of potential) methods
  • Thermographic inspection of medium and low-voltage switch gear, panel boards, buses and breakers
  • Installation of temperature and humidity transducers/meters to monitor environmental parameters and pull-out/downloading of data from these instruments
  • Installation of time-of-use and run-of-time meters to monitor usage of various electrical equipment and pull-out/downloading of data from these instruments
  • Installation and pull-out of power quality monitoring equipment and digital recording meters
  • Manual downloading to laptop computer of power quality data gathered by power quality monitoring equipment and digital recording meters
  • Spot measurement of voltages, currents, demand and harmonic levels at various points in the electrical facilities
  • Maintains energy solutions tools and work equipment (power quality analyzers, digital recording meters, step-down voltage transformers, thermographic scanner, power quality handheld analyzers, temperature and humidity loggers, and basic tools and work equipment).
  • Conducts simple repair of work equipment.
  • Schedules testing of protective equipment such as rubber gloves and blankets.
  • Schedules test and calibration of tools and equipment.
  • Prepares tools and work equipment needed in the conduct of site survey and power monitoring.
  • Performs other jobs as instructed by energy solutions engineers and specialists.
  • Drive / transport safely authorized personnel, test equipment, monitoring instruments or allied tools from or to job site.


  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Technology or any related course
  • Experience in power quality and energy management is an advantage but not required
  • Demonstrated ability to provide service and represent company interests in developing customer relationship to assure long-term customer satisfaction
  • Knowledgeable in written and verbal English communication
  • Strong computer skills
  • Knowledge and practice of safety precautions related to working with electrical and electronic equipment
  • Must possess a non-professional driver’s license/professional driver’s license