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Meng Fei Innovative Future Leader Scholarship

The Meng Fei Innovative Future Leader Scholarship is designed to give high achieving students from around the world the opportunity to pursue their ambitions and gain a world-class education. Meng Fei achieved international stardom through his work in media and journalism as well as the entertainment industry. His scholarship seeks students who have achieved exceptional academic results and have been deemed by Meng Fei as having demonstrated truly innovative leadership qualities. This scholarship category awards eligible students 25% of their first year of tuition. Curtin University acknowledges the importance of being one of Australia's most multicultural university campuses and this scholarship aims to grow the trust and confidence in Curtin University as a place for students to further their studies, careers and life experiences.In addition, if you enrol in a Curtin English Language program before starting your studies, you will receive a maximum of 10 weeks free English. If you require more than 10 weeks' English tuition to meet our requirements, fees apply for the tuition.

Key details

This scholarship provides students 25% of their first year tuition fee, up to a maximum of AUD$10,000.


International, full fee-paying, non-sponsored studentsStudents commencing studies at Curtin's Western Australia campuses in 2020Students commencing a full Curtin undergraduate or master by coursework programPlease note that this scholarship:Is NOT available to Australian citizensIs NOT for students granted CRL (Credit for Recognised Learning) for any part of their studies Covers a maximum of 25% of the first-year tuition fee up to a MAXIMUM of 200 credit points onlyOnly covers tuition fees and does not cover any other international student expenseWill be credited to recipient’s fee account at commencement of studies and cannot be accessed by themWill not be extended beyond its prescribed duration or amount unless notified otherwise by CurtinCan be revoked at the discretion of Curtin if recipient already has a scholarship or sponsorshipCan be revoked if the recipient does not accept their Letter of Offer or enrol in their course by the date specifiedCannot be retained if a recipient defers their studies beyond a 2020 start dateCannot be transferred to a Curtin campus or partner outside Western Australia, or to another university
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