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Swinburne University of Technology

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Data61 PhD Scholarship Opportunities

About this scholarship

Our Scholarship Program

Our scholars join a national team, linked to a global innovation network that's building research-driven data solutions - all while being enrolled locally at one of our partner universities.

Quick Eligibility Checklist

  • You hold an Australian bachelor’s degree with First Class Honours or an equivalent international degree. “First class equivalency” will be determined by the Data61 Scholarship Committee in consultation with the university supervisor but may be determined by:
    • Completion of a research project
    • Number and quality of publications, including the percentage the candidate has contributed to a publication
    • Work experience in a field relevant to the research
    • Other degrees with a strong research component
  • You have applied for admission, have been admitted, or have enrolled into a Research Doctorate (PhD) degree program at an Australian university which is signatory to the Data61 University Collaboration Agreement (DUCA).
  • You have or will apply for the relevant university or government scholarships at the same time as applying for the Data61 scholarship award. 
  • You have support from a D61-employed researcher (who will act as a member of your supervisory panel).
  • The research you undertake will be aligned with Data61’s research programs or business development teams and supervisory capabilities.
  • You agree to enrol in full-time study throughout your candidature.
  • You agree to assign intellectual property developed within the PhD project to Data61 through signing the Data61 Student Scholarship Agreement (SSA).
  • You don’t already hold a PhD.

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Eligible Study Fields
IT & Computer Science