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Master of Science Webinar

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Fri 2 Jun 2017, 5:00am
Fri 2 Jun 2017, 5:45am
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Macquarie is launching the new Master of Science in 2017.

This practical degree allows you to develop discipline expertise as well as increase your understanding of the business of science and innovation, and build bridges between discovery and the market. It builds on the knowledge you’ve gained in either scientific fields to increase your technical know-how, identify opportunities for innovation and advance your career in exciting new directions.

Majors available include:

  • Biology innovation
  • Chemistry and Biomolecular Sciences Innovation
  • Earth and Planetary Sciences Innovation
  • Environmental Sciences Innovation
  • Information Technology Innovation
  • Statistics Innovation

The course centres on three core STEM-focused units in innovation, leadership and entrepreneurship, enriched by a full semester’s internship with one of the University’s innovative industry partners or research leaders. If you’re already working in a related role, you may have the option to gain your internship credit by working on innovative projects with your current employer.

Join Abidali Mohamedali, Associate Lecturer in Science Innovation and Entrepreneurship to hear more about this exciting new program and have your questions answered.