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Today, more and more Filipinos dream of living closer to the city for the handful of advantages that it presents. Indeed, time is a precious commodity and now, more than ever, we realize its value as we struggle to keep a work-life balance. Given the multiple roles that we play and the many activities that we juggle each day, being closer to our destinations – be it the workplace or university – and not worrying about how to skirt our way through the horrendous traffic situation (and actually experiencing the stress from the gridlock) translates to a prized edge. City-living, however, is not yet accessible to many of us. While demand for housing continues to grow exponentially, the supply of affordable options remains limited across urban neighborhoods.

With the land value on the upswing given the left and right developments in public and private infrastructure, what were then affordable house and lot packages in the city have become quite expensive and impractical. Existing condominium developments too, especially condos for sale within central business districts, have risen in prices, going beyond the budgets of city dwellers among us.

While the price is a major consideration, livable space is a major factor too. Some of us shy away from condo-living because we don’t see ourselves being confined in the limited space of a condo unit. We are attached to the luxury of space that is present in our suburban homes. A garden, a lawn, a backyard, a veranda, a walk-in closet, a complete kitchen station, and a spacious laundry area – these are just some of the things that we will surely miss as we compromise space when choosing to live in the city.

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