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  • < 100 employees
  • Entertainment, Travel & Hospitality
  • Technology

Our mission is to make multiplayer games players want to play. We strive for extraordinary player experience putting players at the centre of everything we do.

  • Our standard of quality is high, you should be able to take rigorous feedback and iterate on your craft.
  • We don't have systems in place like big companies do. You should be fine with chaos and enjoy implementing systems.
  • You will have to act autonomously and come up with your own tasks.

We are 6 people, a digital native, and a location-less team. We all live in different countries spanning across 4 continents. We work in async mode. Everyone knows what they have to get done and they get those tasks done at whatever day/time they please. We take pride in our product and work quality.

Recruitment Process

We like people who create value on their first day and who will continue creating value for a long time.

Remuneration & Career Growth

  1. Gross salary range for graduate and early talent roles (USD).
  2. Remote position
  3. Permanent work from home

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