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  • 1,000 - 50,000 employees

About Teradyne

  • Technology

What it does: Provides task and electronic test automation for global electronics manufacturers around the world. 

Staff stats: Over 4,000 employees around the world… and that’s just the human employees!

Best known for: Building robotic arms used in factories around the world

The good: Strong work-life balance and corporate culture.

The not so good: Work environment can be lax.

Hiring grads with degrees in: engineering: electronics, software and mechanical

The story of Teradyne

The company was founded in 1960 as a response to the growing need for automation and testing services in the electronics manufacturing sector. Its two founders were ex-US Army Reserve officers and former Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) graduates who worked in semiconductor factories during the 50s. But quite frankly, they soon got bored! So they reacquainted themselves with one another and began their new company. Whatever it was to be called, “it had to have a ‘D’ in it” one of its founders resolutely proclaimed. What can we say? ‘D’ was his favourite letter.

They began by producing diode testers, something they spent all their money on design. All of it! They didn’t even have a sales or marketing budget, so they started by trying to sell to a couple of friends in the industry, which wasn’t met favourably. By the end of 1962 however, they made their first big sale to Raytheon, which completely turned around a seemingly-dying venture. By the 80s they were making nearly 500 million USD in sales each year… and the founders were never bored again.

Today the company is pulling in over 2 billion USD year on year and has a hand in electronics manufacturing around the world. If you’ve got a phone in your hand or a computer on your desk, they were likely to be involved directly or indirectly.

Career prospects

This company is an ideal fit for aspiring test engineers. Their products are responsible for effectively handling the test procedures of other companies, so testing at Teradyne has to be even sharper. The best way to get an insight into their company is by taking one of the numerous internships posted on their site, but graduate jobs are posted periodically too


Previous employees report a pleasant corporate culture at sites across the Philippines, with jobs primarily across Cebu City. Work-life balance is favourable and bosses are generally enthusiastic to help fresh graduates learn. The only thing to be wary of is the company posting jobs across the Asia-Pacific, not necessarily just the Philippines. If you’re willing and able to travel there are countless opportunities to explore, but only a few regularly in the Philippines. If you can get a foot in the door, career growth beyond your graduate program will be reasonable. If you’re not particularly interested in test engineering, there’s still plenty to learn, but there are likely slightly better options closer to home.

The recruitment process

There are multiple ways into a job at Teradyne. A popular method is applying through your university if possible. Despite being an international company, they still have close ties to the US, so this option is mostly available there. 

If your university doesn’t have a means of applying through them, go to the Teradyne website, navigate to the ‘Careers’ section and take a look at student opportunities as well as standard jobs. It’s also possible to use third-party sites to access other opportunities too. Simply submit your cover letter, CV and academic transcript, then wait for them to get back to you. 

If you’re applying for a software engineering position and they liked what you sent them, they’re likely to set up a phone interview. They’ll ask about your personal interests, as well as your interest in the company and technical skills you have, like the programming languages you know. You’ll then have an on-site interview where they’ll go into these topics in detail, quizzing you on technical problems and how you’d go about solving them. This takes roughly 45 minutes or so and usually involves a panel of staff. Afterwards, you’ll likely have a quick chat with HR, and maybe even a tour of the site if you ask, then you’re in!



Employees in the Philippines can receive numerous benefits at Teradyne, including healthcare, dental and optical plans, a rice subsidy, paid sick leave, a gym membership, discounts on company stock and general meal allowances. But the pay packet is slightly below industry average as a result of these

Mission & values

Teradyne strives to ensure electronics proliferated throughout the world work as intended. It aims to have a hand in as much electronics manufacturing as possible to ensure nothing that can go wrong does go wrong.

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